4 Inexpensive Ways To Turn That Old Booth Into a Sparkling Oasis

Is your trade show booth beginning to show its age?  Have people seen your booth so many times that you've gone way past branding and on to boooooring?  Are you just wishing you had the money to buy a new trade show booth, but can't scrape enough together to purchase one?

Well, you'll be happy to know that it really isn't necessary to buy a whole new trade show booth.  You can fix up the old one in no time flat AND with little pain to your bottom line.

Business Opportunities – Why Pre-Packaged BizOpps Are Not Worth The Money

Explains why pre-packaged businesses offered via "opportunity" magazines are usually not worthwhile investments. Discusses the business of "windshield repair" as an example to illustrate the problem with such business opportunities.

Budgeting for a Home Business

Budgeting for a Home Business

If you are considering starting your own home business, one of the first things you must think about is budgeting and planning to find the money you need. You can start the planning process from your kitchen table if necessary. You'll need a telephone with an answering machine to handle calls while you're budgeting and planning. It is important that you project a favorable image.