Plan For Your Home Based Business Emergencies

This is my story of what happened to me this past weekend and how planning for home based business emergencies can help you in the long run. It's a bit long because I am covering four days and you need to get most of the picture of what I was going through for my home based business this past weekend.

On Friday morning I awakened to find my son Ulyssis on my computer and he was putting in an application for a trucking job that he wanted. He figured he would do it on my computer he said, because the laptop was to small for him to do something as important as an application.

Ok, so I let him finish and an hour had when by. All of a sudden I herd a loud bang and a yell. I ran to see what was wrong and it was my son madder than life itself. So to speak. I said, "what happened?" He explained that he had finished putting in all of his information for the application and he went to do something and lost everything.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a series of other mishaps that would be tricking for the whole weekend into Monday.

So some hours went by and then I decided to get on my computer to do some work for my business and then it happened. My computer is on but no picture. I turn it off and turned it on again. Still no picture! I check my cords and unplug them then plug them in again and turned on the computer and NO PICTURE on the monitor.

It hit me that when my son had yelled at my baby (my computer) he had scared her sick until she was scared to come back on. At this time my husband was coming in the door from work and I told him what had happened. he tried to fix my baby and was not successful. He said, "you are going to need a new monitor for the computer." Then he handed me the mail and I had a letter that was disturbing on top of this.

I then try to find another monitor like the one that I had and its only available on eBay and they are not new. It was late so I said, I'll check out some others tomorrow I said to my husband.

It's now Saturday morning and I get the laptop to check out other monitors on the Internet to get an idea of what I might want for a new monitor. But one big factor of this equation is that I don't want any monitor smaller than a 22 inch screen.

It's about 12:30 p.m. and the phone rang. It was the postman with a package. I signed for it and then opened it and it was a return from a customer of mine and she wanted to exchange it for a different item. This put a damper on things because my info is on my computer and I know need a monitor today as soon as possible. I said to myself and my husband, I'm going to Best Buy to get my monitor.

Ok, I get to Best Buy and check out the monitors and there are three 22" and one 24". I look for the displays and there are no displays on none of them that I wanted. I tried to get a sales clerk and they were all busy with other customers. I waited 20 minutes and still there was no help yet. So I go to the counter and asked for the manager to help me. He came after 5 minutes and I told him you have no displays or prices on these monitors here that I'm interested in. He said, they had just arrived and they didn't have a chance to display or price them yet. he wrote the info down and said he will be back in five minutes. Well ten minutes had went pass and I turned and seen him go the other way and he put up his hand and waved one more minute. he never came back and this other sales person comes by and said can I help you and was able to get the prices for me right away with no problems.

So I pick the 24" and go over to the register. I'm looking for my Best Buy credit card and can't find it. So I pull out another credit card and paid with that one. Get home said to my husband, "I could not find the Best Buy card when I was at the register." He said, did you take it out of the folder when the Geek Squad was here the last time? Shore nough the card was still in the folder. I also told my husband that I will not be going back to that Best Buy store again.

I now have the computer hook up to the monitor and go to order my customers item and wouldn't you know it, it's out of stock! I called my customer and tell her it's out of stock and I will call back on Monday. She said, "ok that will be fine." Monday comes and I call the whare house and they said, it won't be in for a week. I call her back and no problem she said.

Then I remembered after I had got off of the phone that I had a back-up whare house encase of emergencies like this one. I called them and they had it in stock. GREAT!

The moral of my story is always plan for your Home Based Business Emergencies now! So when the emergency does happen you are repaired for it.

Do keep in mind that this is only one of my home based business. The monitor going down affects them all. So, also make sure you have money for your home based business equipment repairs as well!

Like a credit card, checking account or savings account just for your emergencies.

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