6 Simple Strategies To Get Free Advertising For Your Home Based Business

Here are 6 simple strategies for getting free advertising for your home based business. I have found them to be quite effective for my advertising needs.

Paying for advertising can get quite expensive and the object is to make money and keep it. Not to spend it all on advertising to make money.

Google +
If you are using Gmail you can open up a Google + page and add your business link to your profile page.

On Amazon you can open up an account and add your profile. In your profile you can add a link to your business page or a website. Comment on different products and people will see you as an authority figure and check out your profile.

Traffic Exchanges
One of the traffic exchanges that I use is Traffic Swirle. This is to get free targeted traffic to your websites.

YouTube is an excellent way to get free advertising for your business. Just make a video about your product or the services you provide.

Blogging is an excellent way to let people find you on the Internet and learn about your products. With blogging you can do a blog post everyday or once a week. You do need to learn a little bit about blogging. You can learn some basic on my blog.

Comment on blogs
Commenting on other people blogs is a great way for people to notice you and become interested in what you are about. Your comment if done well will peak a person's curiosity about you and they will check you out.

There are literally hundreds of forums on anything you can think of. Join a few and comment on the tops they have. When you join there is usually a signature box below where you can leave your link to your business or website. Some of them even let you add a URL to your profile page.

Hope you find these 6 simple strategies to be very helpful. You see most people use these sites every day but don't realize that they can also be great free traffic for their home based business.

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